Aggressive Criminal Defense for Lawrence, Kansas

John Frydman, Attorney at Law, has been defending local clients right here in Lawrence and Douglas County, KS with great success since 1985. His experience in drug charges, DUI’s and all other charges as well as expungements makes him a trusted professional in criminal justice. John is also an experienced traffic and DUI lawyer, prepared to help with any traffic charges.

He will speak with you personally and honestly. He will defend you vigorously.

Drug charges


John can provide you with the expert counsel you need for your drug case. Whether it’s possession or sales or possession with intent to sell, John can make your case a compelling one and give you the best possible chance for success.

After an arrest


An arrest requires an attorney familiar with entities like the local criminal court or the Kansas Department of Transportation. John’s personal style of representation presents your case with clarity and puts you in a better position to move on.



Have a conviction on your record? John Frydman  has proven success in sealing prior convictions – in effect making them invisible to state or federal repositories. He gives you your best shot by far and making your convictions go away.

Traffic Lawyer


Hire John as your traffic and DUI lawyer for any traffic charges that need professional law. John will deal with your court case for you so you don’t have to worry about dealing with something intimidating like court by yourself.

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